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Exploring Cuba via boxing at the Texas Book Festival

2:57 pm Oct. 18, 2015

Canadian writer and filmmaker Brin-Jonathan Butler spent more than a decade in Cuba where he examined the life-changing decision that boxing champions there face – stay in Cuba or defect to America and enjoy a

Texas Book Fest celebrates Sandra Cisneros

6:17 pm Oct. 17, 2015

Author Sandra Cisneros took a look at the raised pulpit at Central Presbyterian Church during the Texas Book Festival on Saturday and asked the packed audience in the pews, “Should I read from up there?”


Lemony Snicket at Texas Book Fest

1:31 pm Oct. 17, 2015

Bridget Grumet of the American-Statesman staff has this report from the Lemony Snicket event:

The suited man on stage at the Paramount Theatre said he wasn’t Lemony Snicket, but as any fan of the enigmatic children’s