Lemony Snicket at Texas Book Fest


Bridget Grumet of the American-Statesman staff has this report from the Lemony Snicket event:

The suited man on stage at the Paramount Theatre said he wasn’t Lemony Snicket, but as any fan of the enigmatic children’s author knows, such declarations should never be taken at face value.

“I don’t know why anyone would lie to children,” the man presumed to be Snicket said, with a dramatic pause. “Although it is fun.”

For a half-hour before the presentation, he milled about the theater, posing for photos with pained expressions and sometimes cutting through a row of seats, just to make everyone stand up. At times using audience members as accomplices and props, he gave a dramatic reading from the first book in his latest series, “All the Wrong Questions.”

Then after running a hilarious game show filled with wrong questions, the suited man abruptly ran out of the theater in accordance with the fifth moral lesson in Snicket’s books: Leave suddenly.

Author: Charles Ealy

Charles Ealy edits and writes about books and movies for the Ausstin American-Statesman.

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